Longing for Grace ENCORE   Bestseller 

Written and Performed by Grace KileyNew York

Sun 10/27 7:30pm*Sun 11/17 6:00pm

drama, 65 min.

This award-winning show is a personal look at the life of Hollywood legend turned real-life princess, Grace Kelly. The woman Hitchcock called “a volcano covered with snow” becomes a cautionary tale about abandoning one’s dreams, “seems to belong to an older, deeper age with its subtlety and courage. Kiley’s insight into this familiar story…is profound and mature.” 2012 United Solo Best One-Woman Show, Best Direction and Best Makeup Awards Winner. Director: Austin Pendleton. Hair & Makeup: Elle Murphy. Costume Design: Katalin Varga. Set Design: Brian Tubbs. Lighting Design: Giovanni Villari. Vocal: Debbie Damp. Photo by Claus Eggers. Recommended for: adults, elderly, theatre community, LGBT community. Link: artist.

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