My Farm

Written and Performed by Joanna StaneckaGermany

Sun 11/2 6:00pm

drama, 60 min.

On my farm, I have a diverse flock of animals, each with its own unique personality: an ox, a horse, a little goat, a lamb, a hen. I’m sure if you look around your neighborhood, you’ll also find “oxen,” “hens” or “lambs” of a similar kind. And you may ask yourself, “What kind of creature am I?” This is a story about a lonely woman who has forgotten her dreams and her identity because of her duties on the farm. It is an allegory about how the difficulties of life in a big family become one person’s inconspicuous poison. Director: Iwona Jera. Translator: Judy Wee. Music: The Buggs. Text Correction: Peter Jansen. Recommended for: all audiences. Links: artist, video.

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