The Asylum Project  Bestseller  

Written and Performed by Elizabeth MozerNew York

Sat 10/12 6:00pm*Fri 11/1 6:00pm

drama, movement, 53 min.

Based on stunning events that brought a Polish immigrant and her child together with hospital patients, this story takes place at the Binghamton State Hospital in upstate New York over the course of six decades. Created from personal accounts, historical documents and imaginings, this show chronicles their lived experiences. Their personal narratives, once silenced, are now given voice. Creative Advisors: Joan Evans, Elena Zucker & Sharon Fogarty. Mime Coach: Bill Bowers. Sound Design: Brian Tse, James McQuillen & Zoe Briskey. Recommended for: adults only (not suitable for children), theatre community, Polish community, physical theatre, documentary theatre, drama, performance art, mental health. Links: facebook, related, related2.

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