Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera

Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera Sold Out 

Written and Performed by Sebastien HeinsCanada

Wed., Nov. 14 at 7:30pm (running time: 50 min.) 

drama, comedy, tragedy, dance, poetry, musical, hiphopera

Beautifully crafted lyrics and a virtuosic physical performance tell the story of pro Hip Hop and R&B brothers, their breaking apart, and epic reunion. Equal parts comic and tragic, “the last moment of this show will stay with you for sure” – BloodyUnderrated. “I could watch this guy move all night.” – CharleboisPost. “Grabs you and doesn’t let go.” – TheRover. Director: Adam Lazarus. Dramaturg: Jodi Essery. Original Lighting Design: Mark Bye. Original Sound Design: Kaileigh Krysztofiak. Photo by Pascale Jensen. Recommended for: teenagers, adults, theatre community, ethnic community (Urban/African American), music community (hip hop), musical-goers, dance community. Links: video, facebook, twitter, related.

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