Everyone’s a Hero with Someone Else’s Tit ENCORE   Buy Tickets 

Performed by Bevin Bell-HallTennessee

Sun 10/8 6:00pm

comedy, storytelling, 40 min.

Your checklist when you turn 40: 1. Mammogram? Check. 2. Breast cancer? Check. .... Wait, what? Oh *%^$&#@(!@($&%*!!!!!! A woman's journey through a tough moment, involving some crying, some laughing, some people trying to help, others just driving you nuts… and fortunately with a happy ending. There is a moral somewhere in there... find it! Director: Kiara Pipino. Design & Dramaturg: Jason Flannery. Show image by Jason Flannery. Recommended for: teenagers, adults, elderly, theatre community, LGBTQ community, cancer survivors.

2017 United Solo is the world’s largest solo theatre festival, currently in its 8th season. All shows are staged at Theatre Row: 410 West 42nd Street, New York City. TICKETS, with a price of $35 (plus a $2.25 Theatre Restoration Charge) are available at the Theatre Row Box Office and online through Telecharge at www.telecharge.com. You may also call Telecharge at 212-239-6200. When placing your reservation, please provide: the FESTIVAL name (United Solo Theatre Festival), the name of THEATRE (Theatre Row – The Studio Theatre), and the specific DAY and TIME of SHOW you would like to see. 

*The ENCORE tag is used to indicate the productions of returning artists and companies who have successfully performed at the Festival in past years.