#SoloActsUnited Campaign Continues

United Solo has received many inspiring videos from artists helping us go through this time of uncertainty. Our ongoing #SoloActsUnited has allowed international artists from various backgrounds and all walks of life to share how their art, views, and productivity have adapted as they continue to embrace constant change in their lives. Our Festival is built on a platform of diverse voices, therefore as a part of our video campaign, we asked our community to share their thoughts and advocacy for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. The art and voices of artists matter now more than ever, and help us understand each other better, uniting various viewpoints into a conversation. Standing up for what is right is of the utmost importance, and we continue to look to our artistic family for that support. The community created around United Solo is truly unique in amplifying the voices otherwise unheard, or not heard loud enough.
Send us a video, up to 30 seconds long, and share your message you find important for others to hear. These videos will be posted on social media in addition to our ongoing #SoloActsUnited Video Campaign. You can email us at info@unitedsolo.org with your link to WeTransfer or downloadable Vimeo, and your social media handles.
Together, we can make important change happen for our world. Together, we are stronger. Stand as one. Stay united.

1. Alaina Freeman @chereelayne


2. Obie Sims @obiescookies


3. Jovan Rameau @jovanrameau


4. Angela Polite @angelapolite1


5. Leandra Ramm @leandraramm


6. Korhan Basaran @korhanbasaran