#SoloActsUnited Video Campaign Continues

Back by popular demand, United Solo invites you to join our second #SoloActsUnited Video Campaign. In response to the public health crisis, we had solo performers from around the world submit videos expressing their thoughts and their talents under the umbrella of three different topics. We welcome all solo performers to send us a video, up to 30 seconds long, to share your perspective on why art is so crucial in the time we are living in.

Let’s take on six new themes for our second #SoloActsUnited Video Campaign:
1. Actor training in times of quarantine
2. Your tips for keeping social distance in theatres
3. Challenges in creating a solo piece
4. The best solo production you have ever seen
5. Present a 30-second solo musical orchestrated with your kitchen supplies
6. Create a theatre costume with pieces available at home
Please submit your videos via a downloadable link (either through WeTransfer or Vimeo) to info@unitedsolo.org. Your videos will be shared on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so we encourage you to send a downloadable link that will be compatible for these purposes. We thank you for continuing to lend your artistic voices to bring us together during this time.


As in our Festival’s Mission Statement since its inception: You think solo. You feel solo. You act united!