The Creeps 

Written and Performed by Catherine WallerNew Zealand

Fri 11/13 6:00pm

drama, comedy, tragedy, storytelling, dance, movement, poetry, music, magic, performance art, 75 min.

Days and nights roll into one at this Circus of Oddities during a post/present pandemic world (but not as you know it). Five physically unique characters entertain and pay their dues- until you come in. Dark, creepy, and never the same show twice, come explore humanity at the fringes of society and what could turn us (all) into creeps. Winner of the United Solo 2018 Award for Best Physical Theatre. Producer & Technician: Elle Shaw. Producer: CL Tian. Show image by Adam Glanzman. Recommended for: adults only, theatre community, LGBTQ community, fans of physical theatre, clown, dark comedy, interactive theatre, international audiences (New Zealand, European, American), young adults, female audiences. Links: show, artist, facebook, twitter, instagram, review, related, related2.

United Solo LONDON is happening in 2020 for the first time, just before the world’s largest solo theatre festival in NEW YORK, currently in its 11th year. All shows are staged at The Actors Centre: 1A Tower St, West End, London WC2H 9NP, United Kingdom.