The Glowing Boot Sold Out 

Written and Performed by Alice PencavelNew York

Tue 10/18 9:00pm

drama, comedy, movement, poetry, multi-media, 75 min.

Upon discovering a cryptic letter from the past, a woman is compelled to investigate a hermit from history, Sir Barnaby Orion, a misunderstood aristocrat whose story and death have remained a mystery, that is, until now. A poetic whirlwind, a mythic romp and lyric escapade, The Glowing Boot journeys through time, gender, and the magical place between life and death. Director: Paul Bedard. Sound Design: Philip Gerson. Dramaturg: Eva Peskin. Recommended for: adults, theatre community, LGBTQ community. Links: show, artist.

2016 United Solo is the world’s largest solo theatre festival, currently in its 7th season. All shows are staged at Theatre Row: 410 West 42nd Street, New York City. TICKETS, with a price of $20.25 (including a $2.25 theatre restoration charge) are available at the Theatre Row Box Office and online through Telecharge at You may also call Telecharge at 212-239-6200. When placing your reservation, please provide: the FESTIVAL name (United Solo Theatre Festival), the name of THEATRE (Theatre Row – The Studio Theatre), and the specific DAY and TIME of SHOW you would like to see.  
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