Einstein’s Violin: A Play in Three Movements

Starring Tom Schuch


October 22, 2022 @ 2:00pm

The seed of this original production was sown when I was shopping for a violin bow for my production of Einstein: A Stage Portrait. I was in the world renowned Robertson & Son’s violin shop speaking with one of the sons when he mentioned they were repairing one of Einstein’s violins. He asked if I’d like to see it. The violin was in pieces and looked rather ordinary. But, I learned at that moment Einstein had not only made simple repairs to his violin, but had also left behind a tidbit of his famous humor inside the violin. Enormous changes in the world were taking place during Einstein’s formative and most productive years influencing both his work and his view of the world. During the early to mid-20th Century there was an explosive evolution in art, science, literature, politics, architecture, philosophy, and technology. Once thought of as a revolutionary in his younger years, Einstein slowly became the ‘old guard’ of scientific advancement butting heads with the current developers of quantum mechanics as he continued to search for the elusive unified field theory. It is against this backdrop that Albert Einstein struggles for answers through the solace of classical music.

Writer: Tom Schuch

Producer: Spoli Productions International, LLC

Running Time: 60 min.

Category: Drama