I Need a Hero

Starring Kayla Engeman

March 22, 2023 @ 2:00pm

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I Need A Hero is a one woman show which features dancing, projection, singing, power points, voice over, and embarrassing home videos from 1998 to show the audience all the ways in which Kayla needs to be rescued: whether it’s from living at home with a loud Italian mother, going to endless weddings of her girlfriends, trying to walk home from a bar down a dark street, or losing a friend in a sudden accident. The show progresses through a list of trivial and serious grievances while using multimedia to hit on themes of grief, anxiety, death, dating, family, friendship, childhood dreams, and trauma.

Writer: Kayla Engeman

Director: Kayla Engeman

Running Time: 65 min.

Category: Comedy, multi-media, dance, stand-up, storytelling, music