Meatballs and Music

Starring Tom Sweitzer


October 19, 2022 @ 8:30pm

Growing up as an only child in a chaotic Italian household in Altoona, Pennsylvania during the 1970’s with a Schizophrenic father and a dying mother, Tommy takes us on a vivid and authentic, intense yet humorous journey through his colorful childhood. One morning, eager for hope and love, eight-year old Tommy decides he can no longer take the pain and abuse. Still in his pajamas, he decides to run across the street to a church. Every Sunday, he hears the music pouring out from its stain-glass windows, but he never found the courage to visit. He ends up in front of the big red doors, and when they open, he is met by Erdean, a Sunday School teacher who is about to change his life. Filled with deep humor and universal messages, Meatballs and Music reminds us about the depth of humanity and its ability to balance tears with laughter – and that at the end, all there is forgiveness and love.

Tom plays 12 characters in this heart-felt 75-minute one-person production.

Writer: Tom Sweitzer

Running Time: 75 min.