Chocoholic – NYC 2021

Starring: Lilly Dennis
Stage Manager/Producer: Angela Getz
Director: Debra Deliso

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Chocoholic is a one-person show based on the true story of the loss. Chocoholic tells the story of a young woman who is on trial in the ‘court of preposterous addictions’ for being an ‘out-of-control’ chocoholic. The show is set in an imaginary courtroom where the audience becomes the jury. However, what starts as a comedic show, with the actor playing many hilarious and dynamic characters, quickly takes a dark turn, as the real reason behind this young woman’s addiction to chocolate is revealed. The past, present and future all come together to debate what is behind this young woman’s addiction. The audience is taken on a journey through the eyes of different witnesses which all tell the tale of the loss this woman experienced. The play brings to life the reality we all feel in the loss of a loved one. How death doesn’t just kill the life it takes but also leaves a horrible path of grief in its wake.

Comedy, Tragedy