The 40th man? Or 28th woman!? – NYC 2021

Starring: Soheil Babaei
Writer & Director: Saeb Mir
Music: Ahmadreza Rajabi & Arash Bayat
Producer: Farima Khalili
Translator: Farid Manouchehrian
Costume Designer: Sara Mojdeh
Poster Designer: Farbod Taali
Set: Shaghayegh Hashemi


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The main concept of my theater, genocide in a community, hope, human captivity, is the importance of peace and life. In theater, seen the story of an unknown region, in which 66 people live. 39 men and 27 women. First, everything is fine, but one day a disease (the disease has a certain symbol) enters the village and kills all the men. And we hear the story of the village from the language of the last man here. A man who has not died so far. The specific type of death and choking is the same in all men. All 27 women are afraid of destroying their generation. The village is drowned in fear. He has a pregnant woman. The dream of all the women in the village is to bring the only pregnant woman to a son. And everyone is waiting to see if she’s a girl or a boy ? Baby comes to life, is boy. Grows. But after several years of marriage, women realize that their only hope is infertile. The boy was born due to an infertile past. And now he is waiting in a closed room…