WHISTLE – My Mother was Mengele’s Secretary

Starring Hadar Galron

November 18, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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WHISTLE – My Mother was Mengele’s Secretary.


WHISTLE has been translated to nine languages, and won several International prizes.

WHISTLE is an autobiographical play, that explores the depths of human experience… swaying from fear to hope.

At 45, Tammy, only child to two Auschwitz survivors, discovers that she has never really lived or been loved. Although she was born after the war, her parents’ past haunted her childhood and stole her natural right to happiness. It’s when a charming stranger suddenly enters her life, opening locked doors to her soul, that Tammy realizes this is her last chance… But, is she capable of loving and being loved as she dreams, or will the black hole inside her swallow anyone who dares to get close?

WHISTLE is a monodrama that gives voice to the pain of the second generation of survivors, and exposes the invisible wounds of the Holocaust.

“As a child, I was never hugged, I think my parents didn’t even see me. I wrote this story to stop being an invisible child” (Yakov Buchan, author)

Story: Yakov Buchan

Adaption to Stage: Hadar Galron

Actress: Hadar Galron

Director: Hana Vazana Grunwald

Running Time: 65 minutes

Genre: Drama, Performance Art

Facebook: facebook.com/Mengelesecretary

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whistlehacameri/?igshid=NjIwNzIyMDk2Mg%3D%3D