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on being selected to join the United Solo Virtual Platform:


Below, you will find the final FIVE STEPS to complete your submission process:

Please be sure to submit your materials before the deadline provided in your email.

1. Prepare your STILL IMAGES as .png, .jpg, or .jpeg file (NO text on images) to introduce your show, including:
a) Video Player HORIZONTAL image: 1920px Width x 1080px Height, at least 300px Resolution
b) Catalogue HORIZONTAL thumbnail image: 1480px Width x 840px Height, at least 300px Resolution
c) Playlist VERTICAL thumbnail image: 600px Width x 800px Height, at least 300px Resolution

2. Prepare the information related to your show, including:
a) Title of the Show
b) Performer’s Name
c) Director’s Name
d) A 20-word max description of your Show
e) A full Cast and Crew list

3. Have your show in .mp4 format that is 1080p or greater resolution ready for an upload.

4. At the end of the submission process, you will be directed to submit your $300 (nonrefundable) participation fee. This allows you to benefit from having your Show hosted on United Solo Screen and made publicly available to the world for one year.

5. Download the Licensing Agreement, fill the Agreement and if agreed on its content sign it, save it as as .png, .jpg, or .jpeg file (a picture of signed contract is acceptable), and keep it as you will need to upload it for your submission. The Agreement is available as a downloadable PDF below.


If so, submit your info & files below to complete the process:


Select “Add your file” to upload your video below.
Your upload is completed once a green checkmark appears next to your file.
This upload is ONLY for your VIDEO.
Do not use this to upload images or other content.
You will upload images and other content in the next section.

This content is not available at this moment unfortunately. Contact the administrators of this site so they can check the plugin involved.

In the section below, you will upload your project description, images,
signed agreement, and additional information.

After completing the submission form below and clicking submit,
you will be directed to PayPal to pay the $300 non-refundable application fee.
Your submission is not complete until your payment is processed.

Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Select your video categories
Select your video classification

When you click “Submit” below, you will be directed to PayPal to pay the nonrefundable $300 submission fee. Your submission is not considered complete until the fee is paid.