is proud to launch its NEW VIRTUAL PLATFORM
for streaming SOLO SHOWS to our global audience!

Submissions for our VIRTUAL PLATFORM

Your SHOW can be featured online 24/7 for TWO YEARS!

No exclusive contracts,
so you can present your show elsewhere at the same time!

Inspired by recent times, we’ve striving to deliver to solo shows accessible anywhere and anytime. With our VIRTUAL PLATFORM, announced this year, United Solo invites artists to submit their solo shows to become available for streaming around the world. Renowned solo performers as well as new talents can bring their works in many categories. Premieres and already-produced shows are equally welcome.

Submitted proposals may represent storytelling, animation, improv, dance, musical, puppetry, multimedia, variety, spoken word, cabaret, stand-up, magic, tragedy, comedy, and other forms of solo performance. The UNITED SOLO VIRTUAL PLATFORM welcomes shows created with high quality formats, including shows produced indoors, outdoors, and digitally (check the application form for more information).

Selected shows will be presented to the international industry, expanding networking, receiving media attention through previews, profiles, and reviews, and provide artists with revenue based on viewers’ demand.

The application can be found at
Submissions Deadline: Friday June 18, 2021

Don’t wait until the last minute!
Applying early gives you a better chance for consideration.

“Years ago, Fiona Shaw has asked me to consider shows available on demand,” said Omar Sangare, Founder and Artistic Director of United Solo. “In the past, we had no clue what was coming. Today, after the trying times of COVID, it became clear that we should move forward. The show must go on and therefore it will, ever new and presented in the larger scale.”

For over a decade United Solo has presented more than thousand solo shows presented on stage in the heart of the New York City theatre district on 42nd Street at Theatre Row. Through a variety of one-person shows, the Festival explores and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual. Our audiences see one-person performances from all over the world, experience foreign cultures and traditions, and learn the perspectives of people from various walks of life. Today, we can share it globally, through the VIRTUAL PLATFORM. Become part of it!

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