The 2012 United Solo AWARDS Have Been Announced

United Solo, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, concluded its third annual season with a closing ceremony held on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at Theatre ROW on 42nd Street in New York City. Local and international performers, special guests, and festival team members gathered to celebrate the one hundred solo productions that were offered this fall.


The awards were presented by Allan Corduner, a British actor internationally acclaimed for his role in the Oscar‑winning film “Topsy‑Turvy,” by Martin and Rochelle Denton, the founders of Indie Theater Now, and by several members of the United Solo Academy.


The 2012 United Solo Awards went to:


Best Production for Wrap Your Heart Around It by LynnMarie Rink, produced by Paul Miller

Best One-Man Show for Beyond Words by Bill Bowers

Best One-Woman Show for Longing for Grace by Grace Kiley

Best Direction for Austin Pendleton for Longing for Grace


Best Actor for Anthony Nikolchev in The Echoes Off The Walls Underground…

Best Actress for Ann Morrison in Linda Lovely Goes To Broadway

Best Comedian for Frank Ingrasciotta in Blood Type: RAGU

Best Storyteller for Antonio Sacre in Let Them Eat Meat


Best International Show for Medea’s Got Some Issues by Ana Asensio, Spain

Best Encore for OH MY IRMA by Haley McGee

Best Drama for Neon Man and Me by Slash Coleman

Best Comedy for BIO‑HAZARD: (a relative comedy) by Sarah Elizabeth Greer

Best Musical for Normality by Pedro Kruger

Best Period Piece for Death In Venice In First Person by Rory Lance

Best Variety Show for Bubba by Michael Thomas Walker

Best Stand-up for EMERGENCY A La Carte by Nancy Redman

Best Multimedia for free•dom – a solo of many people by Andressa Furletti

Best Educational Piece for For the BENEFIT of Miss JENNIE GOURLAY by Billy Hipkins

Best Movement for Rebecca VerNooy in Across Time

Best Improvisation for Talk to me about Shame by Julian Goldhagen

Best Documentary for Cry of the Mountain by Adelind Horan


Best Dramatic Script for On The Outskirts Of Everything by Tim Collins

Best Comedic Script for The Bronx Queen by Joe Gulla

Best Non-Fiction Script for URBAN ZEN by Navida Stein

Best Adaptation for Modern Prometheus: Frankenstein with Mary Shelley by Virginia Bartholomew


Best Premiere for Trevor’s Fire by Blake Walton

Best Short Solo for Daughter of Salt by Kathleen Cole Burke

Best Emerging Artist for Sebastien Heins in Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera


Best Lighting Design for Coby Beck, Mutant Olive

Best Costume Design for Michael Growler, Beyond Words

Best Makeup for Elle Murphy, Longing for Grace


Best in Social Networking for Father Forgive Me For I Have Sinned by Jose Roldan Jr.

First Sold-Out Show for Bully by Lee J. Kaplan

Audience Award for Anita Hollander in Still Standing


The 2012 uAward went to John Leguizamo for his outstanding performance in Ghetto Klown.


In his acceptance speech, Mr. Leguizamo said: One-man show is the thing that I live for, the thing that made me, the thing I can’t live without because it’s my mode of expression. I wanted to do this piece to inspire the youth of America that if I can make it, then you can make it. And that was the simple message. And I think one-man shows can do that. They can give a very personal message because… it’s the most honest communication that I know of. So this particularly means a lot to me. And I want to thank all of you and especially the people nominated alongside of me. Hugh Jackman, the great Kathy Griffin, John Hurt, all these great talented people, and this award is for all of us. Thank you.


The festival’s mission is to unite people from around the world, celebrate multicultural diversity, and support the theatrical community. Each season, United Solo collects donations for The Actors Fund. At the closing ceremony this year, David Engleman, director of communications and marketing for The Actors Fund, received a check of one thousand two hundred and six dollars on behalf of the organization, which supports entertainment professionals in need.


During its six-week run, the festival sold out thirty-four shows and attracted widespread media interest. Distinguished guests included Oscar nominee John Guare, who opened the festival with his remarks, Golden Globe Award winner and Oscar nominee Marsha Mason, Primetime Emmy and Tony Award winner Cherry Jones, Stella Adler Studio instructors Joanne Edelmann and Alice Saltzman, renowned writer and actor Taylor Negron, and Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch members Regina Advento, Pablo Aran Gimeno, Daphnis Kokkinos, and Jorge Puerta Armenta.


United Solo will continue to build a community of people drawn to solo performance and to welcome local and international productions alike.


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