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pply now and join our Award-Winning Artists and New Talents on United Solo Screen.

United Solo Theatre Festival™ is proud to launch United Solo Screen.

United Solo Screen is a revolutionary new platform for artists to stream their performances to audiences around the world.

At United Solo, we pride ourselves on supporting solo artists. Selected shows will be presented to the international industry, expand artists' networks, receive media attention through previews, profiles, and reviews, and provide artists with revenue based on viewers’ demand.

Delivering Solo Performances
Accessible Anytime & Anywhere

Renowned solo performers and new talents encouraged to apply.

Premieres and established shows from all categories equally welcomed.

No exclusive contracts. Artists can present their shows elsewhere at the same time.

"Years ago, Fiona Shaw asked me to consider shows available on-demand. It is clear that we must look forward and expand the boundaries of theatre. Now presented on an even larger scale through our new, virtual platform, I can promise you this: the show will go on."

–Omar Sangare, Founder & Artistic Director at United Solo

For over a decade, United Solo has presented more than thousand solo shows on stage in the heart of the New York City theatre district at Theatre Row on 42nd Street. Through a variety of one-person shows, the Festival explores and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual. Our audiences see one-person performances from all over the world, experience foreign cultures and traditions, and learn the perspectives of people from various walks of life. Today, we can share the magic globally through United Solo Screen.

Share your talent, art, and message
on United Solo Screen.