Cheese Fries & Froot Loops

Starring Chris Fuller


October 12, 2022 @ 7:00pm

Cheese Fries & Froot Loops: A one man show written and performed by Chris Fuller. A humorous and poignant true story of his pursuit of a life-long dream, to play on the PGA Tour, while living with Bipolar Mental Disorder. Diagnosed at age 26, Chris details the difficulties of competing in professional golf tournaments, while his mind raced out of control with sudden mood swings setting him on a path to self-destruction. The show chronicles his journey to control his extreme highs and lows. In doing so, he meets a cast of colorful characters along the way who help him arrive at a self-actualization when he unexpectedly finds his bliss. Chris tells his story with self-deprecating humor and unedited insight. While playing 17 different characters, he recounts events in his life going freely from the past to the present. In one scene, he reenacts the first time he competed at golf when, at the age of four, he had a putt-putt contest with a house guest, legendary actress Bette Davis.

Susan Granger, respected veteran theatre and film critic writes: “Cheese Fries & Froot Loops is enormously touching and a rollicking good time.” Directed by off-Broadway veteran Mark S. Graham and produced by Robert R. Blume, Former Executive Producer of the Drama Desk Awards from 1999-2018.

Writer: Chris Fuller

Director: Mark Graham

Producer: Step Forward Entertainment

Running Time: 80 min.

Category: Comedy, Drama