Starring Emmelia Gordon


October 15, 2022 @ 2:00pm

Ever woken up beside a stranger? What if it was planned that way? Emmelia Gordon stars in this critically acclaimed one-woman, 16-character, theatrical tour de force DISSOLVE by Meghan Gardiner. At turns hilarious – yes hilarious – and heartbreaking, DISSOLVE confronts the topic of drink spiking, drug and alcohol facilitated sexual assault. Gordon has been touring the role across North America and has earned one of Canada’s top theatrical awards, the Jessie Richardson “Outstanding Actress” for her sizzling performance.

“A highly entertaining dark comedy that plays out like a Saturday Night Live skit.” – CTV News

DISSOLVE follows a young girl on a night out and the people she encounters, with the actress morphing fluidly between a flurry of 16 characters, both comedic and compelling. Designed to provoke thought and dialogue about sexual consent, DISSOLVE challenges us to change our beliefs and behavior surrounding alcohol, drugs and sexual assault. Bring your teens, bring yourselves to shameless hussy productions’ NYC premiere of DISSOLVE = 1 woman, 16 characters + 45 minutes that could change a life.

Writer: Meghan Gardiner

Director: Renee Iaci

Sound Design: Stephan Bulat

Lighting Design: Mimi Abrahams

Producer: Shameless Hussy Productions

Running Time: 45 min.

Category: Dark Comedy, Drama, Comedy, Storytelling