Escape from Daddyland

Starring Steve Wruble


October 6, 2022 @ 8:30pm
November 10, 2022 @ 8:30pm

Fresh from his Off-Broadway debut at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre, Steve Wruble presents Escape from Daddyland. Directed by Obie-award winner, Gretchen Cryer.

Brought up in the Deep South as an Orthodox Jew, son of Elvis Presley’s proctologist, Steve is expected to follow his father into the bowels of the rich & famous. Instead, becomes a psychiatrist, divorces his wife & strict religion, and begins a hilarious and compelling musical journey into uncharted waters.

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Praise for “Escape from Daddyland” at the Cherry Lane Theatre, May ‘22:

“Steve Wruble’s hilarious, poignant and autobiographical Escape from Daddyland is the kind of intimate, handmade theater romp that one yearns for in a world of over-produced and too shiny objects. I loved the raw and revealing and laugh out loud experience. Go see it if you can.”

— Oren Rudavsky, filmmaker

“Steve Wruble’s Escape from Daddyland is a fascinating re-enactment of a complicated life told in story and song. Steve’s portrayal of himself and his significant others is both funny and moving. As a psychiatrist he was trained not to reveal himself, but in this show he reveals almost everything.”

— Lee Kassan, MA psychoanalyst & mental health counselor

“Steve took us on a thoughtful, moving, and hilarious ride during Escape from Daddyland. It was impressive to see Steve’s ability to slide in and out of different eras of his life seamlessly. His comedic timing and sultry singing voice made for one heck of a show. Bravo!”

— Brennan Lowery, actor

Writer: Steve Wruble

Running Time: 65 min.

Category: Comedy, Storytelling, Music