Hamlet (solo)

Starring Raoul Bhaneja


November 3, 2022 @ 7:00pm

A thrilling evening, focusing on the three most essential elements of theatre: The Actor, The Text and The Audience. Bhaneja plays seventeen parts in this two-hour, tour de force, using only Shakespeare’s words developed over many years, including a residency at Shakespeare’s Globe while under the artistic directorship of Mark Rylance.

Raoul Bhaneja with over 125 screen credits, including network television and major motion pictures such as Miss Sloane opposite Jessica Chastain, has performed on stages across North America including The Stratford Festival.

Robert Ross Parker co founded the OBIE award winning Vampire Cowboys Theatre with recent directing credits including The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Geffen, with Mirvish Productions (Toronto), The Citadel and The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Winner of the Montreal English Critic’s Circle Award for Best Visiting Production, Hamlet (solo) has been performed over 150 times in 25 different cities since its debut.

“A MUST SEE… This is, of course, an extraordinary technical achievement, both of memory and stamina, but it is much more than that. Bhaneja is a superb speaker of Shakespearean verse. This is a production of Hamlet that many full companies could envy for its speed, clarity and theatricality.” (THE STAGE, UK)

Writer: William Shakespeare

Director: Robert Ross Parker

Producer: Hope and Hell Theatre

Running Time: 115 min.

Category: Tragedy, Drama, Storytelling