Starring Mary Elizabeth Barrett


October 5, 2022 @ 7:00pm

During a time when I was lost and fueled by fear, despair, and grief, a mysterious presence calling itself, “The Magician,” appeared before me in my home. Initially frightened and resistant, but frankly extremely annoyed, I ordered the Magician to leave. Ignoring my demands, the Magician returned to further confound and confuse me. Or so I thought. As this stranger’s warmth enveloped me, my resistance lowered, and I found my Self…for the first time. I hope to inspire others to accept and embrace a higher vision not only for themselves but also to elevate our world. “ I Babysat Jesus,” comic and humble, reveals and honors what I believe lives inside all of us…. the Divine in whatever form It chooses to reveal itself to each of us.

Writer: Mary Elizabeth Barrett

Running Time: 50 min.

Category:  Drama, Comedy, Storytelling, Dance, Music, Multi-Media