SIX SOLOS: Legend, Myth, and Nature – NYC 2021

Starring: Lynn Needle
Lighting Designer/Stage Manager: Stephen Petrilli

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SIX SOLOS – Legend, Myth and Nature conceived and narrated by Lynn Needle 10/28 @ 7:30PM is a one act spanning six plus decades from 1953-2021 features work by seminal choreographers Alwin Nikolais, Claudia Gitelman and Lynn Needle exemplifying the German school of modern dance and its evolution. Former Nikolais Dance Theatre soloist, Needle opens the evening appearing in Nikolais’ signature work, NOUMENON. The evening unfolds with interludes of spoken text giving each solo context and includes Gitelman’s IMPROMPTU. HAUNTED, Needle’s autobiographical, multi-media solo is set to an original score, by Dr. Dinu Ghezzo and mandala-inspired video by John Crawford. MONARCH, FOREST and SHAKTI follow, all excerpts from AOMDT’s creation myth HEAVEN and EARTH, featuring costuming by Annie Hickman. Butterfly wings, jeweled masks, deconstructed modernism and a Gaia creature reveal and explore all things organic. Finale special appearance by renegade musician Teddy Gibbons.

SIX SOLOS:  Legend, Myth & Nature Conceived, Narrated and Performed by:  Lynn Needle

Collaborators and Legendary Artists:  Alwin Nikolais, Claudia Gitelman, Annie Hickman, Dr. Dinu Ghezzo, John Crawford, Dr. Ruth Grauert,  Mickey Hart and Teddy Gibbons

Stage Manager and Live Music by:  Teddy Gibbons 

Dance, Storytelling, Multimedia, Live Music