Starring: Tara Hugo
Director: Peter Francis James


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WHO GOES THERE? Her own journey started as her Texas high school’s Miss Southern Belle! – having come to the world as a descendant of abolitionists, slave owners, preachers, unwed catholic mothers, and a Jewish immigrant killed by the outlaw ‘Black Jack’ in New Mexico.  Liberals, artists, musicians, atheists, evangelists, addicts, entrepreneurs, Trumpists, conspiracists: a divided family, in a divided country.  Hugo traces the divide. Women reject tradition, LGBTQ come out, Christians marry Jews, whites marry blacks, as those who reinvented themselves and joined the dance of diversity, faced the inevitable backlash — some disowned, some tolerated. Culled from the writings of her ancestors, among them, a Yankee soldier called the Missouri Poet Laureate, whose 1863 letter to his daughter reads, “…sing my poem…”. 158 years later — Tara sings it. Her insightful reminiscences, stories, and related songs are infused with a wonderful sense of humor — and steeped in love.  Her first solo performance at age 7, ‘I’m An Old Cowhand’– her last, Philip Glass’s “Infinity”

A concert of song and spoken word through stories, drama, comedy, and music