The 8th Annual United Solo Theatre Festival

September 14 – November 19, 2017
Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street, New York City, United States

United Solo, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, concluded its eighth season with a Gala at Theatre Row in New York. During its ten-week run, the festival offered 120 stage productions representing six continents. Nearly 60 shows sold out, and were presented several times due to popular demand. This past season, the festival presented productions created by new talents and show business veterans, including Oscar winner Milton Justice and Emmy winner Bill Oberst Jr.
At the Gala held on Sunday, November 19, 2017 many artists were recognized with awards for their achievements in the art of solo performance. On behalf of the United Solo Academy, Omar Sangare, the Artistic Director of the festival, presented the United Solo Special Award to Michael Moore for his show, “The Terms of My Surrender.” In his acceptance speech, Mr. Moore said: “I wanted to stand in a room with a few hundred other people each night and have a conversation. I have never done that in that way before — it was very powerful,” and added “It’s that connection to the people in the room, and the cliche that no two audiences are the same turns out to be true.”

For eight years now, United Solo has supported members of the performing arts community by fundraising for The Actors Fund — which helps professionals in times of transitions, and this year, especially those impacted by Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria. The Festival also joined efforts to promote services provided by the newly-opened Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts.

 Through its mission, United Solo continues to share local and international talents, discover original stories, connect artists with their audiences, exchange diverse perspectives, foster a dialogue for change, entertain, and now, educate through its newly developed professional training program led by distinguished artists and cultural icons.

The full list of 2017 United Solo Award winners includes:

Best Production: “’A’ TRAIN” by Anne Torsiglieri, directed by Risa Brainin
Best Direction of a Play: Gretchen Cryer, “Reconciliation,” “CALL MY PUBLICIST!” & “MAD…OR DAD?”
Best Direction of a Musical: Milton Justice, “FROM SHIP TO SHAPE”
Best One-Man Show: “TENNESSEE RISING” by Jacob Storms
Best One-Woman Show: “All In Good Time” by Tulis McCall
Best Encore: “Beat the Devil!” by Glen Williamson
The United Solo & Backstage Audience Award: “Everything Is Fine Until It’s Not” by Doreen Oliver
Best Actor: John Fisher in “A History of World War II: The D-Day Invasion to the Fall of Berlin”
Best Actress: Megan Metrikin in “Finding Fellini”
Best Comedian: Guerassim Dichliev in “A Monologue With A Suitcase”
Best Mime: Bill Bowers in “BEYOND WORDS”
Best Storyteller: Christina Augello in “Denial Is A Wonderful Thing”
Best International Show: “Spirit of the Ring” by Andrew Dawson
Best Drama: “Brazil” by Angus Chisholm
Best Comedy: “The Very Perry Show” by Kate Perry
Best Storytelling Show: “Let Me Spell It Out For You” by Todd Cerveris
Best One-Woman Musical: “FRENCHY” by Jen Fellman
Best One-Man Musical: “FROM SHIP TO SHAPE” by Walker Vreeland
Best Physical Theatre: “Hide Your Fires” by Yokko
Best Autobiographical Show: “MAN” by Steve Berglund
Best Avant-Garde Show: “Freebird Goes to Mars” by Betsy Moore
Best Poetry Show: “Rahmell’s INFERNO” by Rahmell Peebles
Best Satire: “What would Cathy do?” by Skye Wansey
Best Cabaret: “Mad Women in my Attic!” by Monica Salvi
Best Stand-Up: “Even Olympians Have Asthma” by Rosemary Cipriano
Best Experimental Show: “Star-Crossed: Dances for Lovers” by Deborah Lohse
Best Educational Show: “Memoirs of A Painted Woman” by Karleigh Chase
Best Horror: “Ray Bradbury’s Pillar Of Fire” by Bill Oberst Jr.
Best Concert: “Sing Bibi Sing” by Elise Arndt
Best Performance Art: “Eden, transplanted” by Eva Petric
Best Storytelling Script: “My Stroke of Luck” by Diane M Barnes, David Ford
Best Non-Fiction Script: “CALL MY PUBLICIST!” by Joshua Ellis
Best Educational Script: “DISORDER” by Natalie Blackman
Best Premiere: “One Woman” produced by Ego Actus, starring Pooya Mohseni
Best Emerging Actor: Justin Lemieux in “Warm Soda”
Best Emerging Actress: Ana González Bello in “245 Acts of Unspeakable Evil”
Best Festival Debut: Kaye Winks in “Token”
Best Choreography: Janis Brenner, “Eden, transplanted”
Best Production Design: Guy de Lancey, “Finding Fellini”
Best Lighting Design: Derek Van Heel, “Hide Your Fires”
Best Costume Design: Deepsikha Chatterjee, “Hide Your Fires”
Best Sound Design: Jorge Olivo, “Hide Your Fires”
First Sold-Out Show: “Regeneration” by Nancy Rappaport

*The winner of the Audience Award was chosen in an online poll, presented in partnership between United Solo and Backstage Magazine.
**Winners are selected by an independent panel of over seventy theatre professionals, including The United Solo Academy Members.

2017 United Solo Festival Brochure