After I’m Dead, You’ll Have to Feed Everyone

Starring Vivien Straus

October 26, 2023 @ 7:00 pm
October 28, 2023 @ 8:30 pm

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In “After I’m Dead, You’ll Have to Feed Everyone – The Rollicking Tale of Ellen Straus,” Vivien Straus portrays her beloved mother, a refugee from Nazi Europe who emigrates to NYC, marries a California dairy farmer after a two-week courtship, and emerges as a national environmental pioneer and matriarch of the organic food movement. The story encompasses their mother-daughter relationship, Ellen’s battle with cancer, and the evolution of a pioneering activist who created a national model for protecting farmland from destruction.

With joyful renditions and witty dialogue, it’s a fresh and funny love letter that takes the audience through to the end of her mother’s life – during which Vivien reassures her mother that she won’t serve chicken salad at her memorial – punctuated with delightful cow facts and farm life stories.

In the mad-cap tribute, Straus portrays 11 characters (10 humans and 1 cow).

The show originally played to 17 sold-out performances (2,100+ attendees) in the restored hay barn at Straus Home Ranch, where Ellen and her husband Bill lived until death-did-they-part after 52 years of marriage.

Critics lauded “After I’m Dead” as “One of the best celebrations of life imaginable.” “Entertaining.” “Full of love.” “Totally engaging.”

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Writer/Performer: Vivien Straus

Directed by Elly Lichenstein

Produced by Michael Straus and Denise Rocco-Zilber

Marketing & Public Relations by Michael Straus

Dramaturgy by Jayne Wenger

Contains a sample of Cows, by Sandra Boynton and Tom Ford, courtesy of Concord

Running Time: 65 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Tragicomedy