Alexa, Play

Starring Alexa Elmy

October 31, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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Alexa, Play, is a comedy, following the weekly meetings of Alexas Anonymous, a support group run by one very motivated Alexa. Alexa’s life has been so disrupted by the appropriation and abuse of her name that she seeks healing with the larger Alexa community. Her struggle has seeped into her family relationships, her ability to date, and her closest friendships. The newfound purpose she finds in running the group gives her a positive outlet for the anguish she is experiencing, however cracks in Alexa’s charismatic façade quickly begin to appear, hinting at the darker reality she is withholding. The bonding and catharsis become the basis for her twisted unraveling. And the attending Alexas and “Alexa Adjacents” are there to bear witness to it all. Each meeting focuses on completing a step towards healing, structured after the 12-Steps Program. The play tackles themes of sexism, capitalism, identity, and privilege.

Producers: Alexa Elmy and Girault Seger

Running Time: 65 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Immersive