Between Me & Them

Starring KiDané Kelati

October 13, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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On a quest for courage and self-identity, “Between Me & Them” is a coming-to-age story that unfolds through a series of therapy sessions unpacking milestones centered around bisexuality, body dysmorphia, daddy issues, and heartbreak. With flashbacks from some of his most pivotal memories from adolescence to adulthood, KiDané and his therapist, Dr. Alan, take a closer look at how and why these milestones have affected him. Stuck with the choice to let life’s growing pains help or hinder his self-worth, KiDané must learn to face his insecurities head-on before they eat him and themselves alive.

Writer/Performer: KiDane Kelati

Running Time: 45 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Storytelling, Performance Art