Call Me Queen

Starring Cyrene Renee

November 14, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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“Call Me Queen” the stage play is based on “Call Me Queen” the novel. Like the novel, it highlights each short story focusing on the main characters from childhood to womanhood. The play allows each young lady to come to life, engage with audiences and share their personal experiences in hope through their adversities and victories.

“Call Me Queen” is viewed from the perspective of her, the character. Not the viable influence of those who shaped the relationship from parents, friends, family, or loves. It is her thoughts and heart exposed to the masses in her own words. That is what makes this story different. That is what makes this story personal.

From Crystal, the youngest of the group, to Constance, the elder, it paints the path of growth and evolution. Through their unique circumstances, the young women’s journey is paved with secrets and admiration in love to continue. Strength, tenacity and resilience is the foundation necessary to gain insight for their wisdom. The relatable stories form a bond between the written word, the spoken character brought to life and the viewing audience.

Performer, Writer and Producer: Cyrene Renee

Running Time: 45 minutes

Genre: Drama, Storytelling