Starring Tom Frueh

October 5, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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For many of us, finding true love can seem elusive, unlikely or even impossible. But Haven isn’t about to accept such restrictions. In fact, he’s always been obsessed with finding his soulmate—and now believes that at long last, he has found it in Everly. There’s no time to waste in starting a new life together, and Haven’s plans begin to unfold late one night inside a Manhattan storage facility, where he surprises Everly with the news that they are leaving on a transatlantic voyage—their honeymoon cruise. Haven promises romance and mystery and excitement at each point in their itinerary, starting with Cadiz, Spain. But much to Haven’s surprise and dismay, Everly’s participation seems somewhat in doubt—and with each passing hour, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that the trip will even happen. Haven grows more and more frustrated with Everly, but his commitment only intensifies. In fact, he’s decided nothing and no one will derail the voyage or their future together—even if he has to resort to murder. Nevertheless, Haven’s desperate plans for love continue to be thwarted, and he and Everly are soon plunged into a bizarre journey of mystery, deception, treachery, uncontrollable passion—and unspeakable horror.

Actor, Author of Book, Music, Lyrics: Tom Frueh

Director: Jen Jurek

Music Director and Accompanist: Chris Piro

Running Time: 95 minutes

Genre: Musical, Suspense, Horror

Website: tomfruehmusicals.com