I’m Harvey Milk

Starring Ben Beasley

October 24, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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“I’m Harvey Milk!” Made its world premiere for gay pride month last June in Colorado. Colorado TINTS is delighted to bring it to NYC for the United Solo Festival Octovef 24th 2023. Written by Mike Broemmel and directed by Greg West, this one-man show stars newcomer Ben Beasly as the inimitable Harvey Milk. Called one of the most significant individuals in rhe gay eights movement, Harvey Milk invisioned with equal standards for all people. As suporvisor in San Francisco Milk passed some of the most groundbreaking legislations that secured equal rights for gay men and women.

Actor: Ben Beasley

Technical Assistant: Greg West

Running Time: 75 minutes

Genre: Drama, Storytelling, Multi-Media

Website: coloradotints.com