Lily The Tiger

Starring Dana McCoy

November 12, 2023 @ 2:00 pm

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Multiple award-winning and Billboard chart-topping Singer/Songwriter Dana McCoy’s fabulous new rock musical tragicomedy Lily the Tiger features a range of original songs—from poignant to humorous—and a dramatic story line (completely fictional, she assures us). Dana’s endearing character Lily brims with unwitting grit as she navigates a parade of catastrophes. She searches under every rock for her inner tigress, which leads her to an improbable final straw!

Hit Broadway writer, performer, Gretchen Cryer (I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On The Road) helped shape the script for Lily The Tiger, and the show’s enjoyed great dramatic coaching and direction from Marcia Haufrecht (Actor’s Studio, Dog Day Afternoon, Armageddon Time w/ Sir Anthony Hopkins) .

Of course, any rock musical better have great rock musicians, so McCoy called on Alec Morton (Raging Slab and Monster Magnet) and Florence Marcisak (Florence of God) to back her up live while they’re recording their mega hit album with a full rockstar band.

So join us, but look out! This Tiger’s ready to POUNCE!

Writer/Performer: Dana McCoy

Running Time: 75 minutes

Genre: Musical, Comedy, Drama