Macbeth (Solo)

Starring Paul Goodwin

November 15, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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In December 2021, I was in Moscow preparing Russian students for a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was to return in February 2022 for rehearsals, having signed an agreement for a long term collaboration on Shakespeare with the Boris Shchukin Theatre School.

I had visited Moscow more than 20 times over the previous decade. It was familiar to me as a modern European city where I had friends and a rich creative collaboration. Over the years I had been there on Victory Day as well the day of a presidential inauguration. I had never felt unsafe.

And then in February 2022, the Russian state launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine, and the world changed.

For the first couple of weeks I was simply hoping for it to be over so that I could continue with my career, but it soon became clear that wasn’t going to happen. I was left feeling hurt, angry, confused, betrayed, grieving for my loss – while at the same time recognising that my experiences were lite when compared with what was happening to the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian nation.

It is in this context that I started to work on Macbeth.

Composer: Dmitriy Saratsky

Movement Specialist: Cheska Bridge

Running Time: 50 minutes

Genre: Drama, Tragedy, Classic