Medea’s Burqa

Starring Marsela Lena

October 28, 2023 @ 2:00 pm

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Why revisit a Greek myth, a persona from Greek Drama, like Medea and add a Burqa to her? What does it mean for a woman of different origin, culture or religion to be asked to abandon her “identity” in order to look like anyone else in the Western world? What is this “inescapable” pressure for homogeneity?

The performance follows Medea and her murders, exploring the itinerary from her “masculine” upbringing by her royal father to her abandonment by her husband in a foreign country and her vulnerability in a place that despises her, although it wants to change her. Patriarchy has pushed her to killings but in a gesture of self awareness, she tries to escape the “expected” killing of her children with her own hand. She aspires to be the first Medea who does not kill her children… she lets them face by themselves the dangers of life. She may be a killer created by a patriarchal society, but she is determined to save the future she is giving birth to.

Writer: Andreas Flourakis

Director: Kyriaki Spanou

Set/Light: Zoe-Molyvda Fameli

Costume: Martha Foka

Music: Alexandros Tsionas

With Marsela Lena as Medea

Produced by Thessaly Theatre, Greece

Running Time: 60 minutes

Genre: Performance Art