Ms. Rebel

Starring Mehrnaz Mohammadi

October 6, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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Join Mehrnaz Mohammadi on a courageous, hilarious, intimate journey with Ms. Rebel.

This whirlwind one-woman show immerses viewers in the world of a wisecracking young Iranian woman who awaits life-altering news, reliving her memories of leaving Tehran for Montreal and fiercely embracing love, lust, and rebellion. An unapologetic, soul-bearing exploration of the pursuit of freedom, Ms. Rebel delves into the transformative power of self-realization. With biting humor, heart-rending vulnerability, and explosive physicality, she revisits the past to unlock future possibilities. The performance invites introspection, forging a connection between viewers and Mehrnaz’s personal journey of self-discovery amidst cultural pressures. Ms. Rebel resonates with themes of belonging, inheritance, and the relentless pursuit of true freedom, touching hearts and sparking thought-provoking conversations about universal struggles: an unmissable testament to the human spirit’s quest for identity and liberty.

Director/Dramaturge: Jen Cressey

Sound Designer: Jason Zolaghadr

Running Time: 73 minutes

Genre: Storytelling, Comedy, Movement