The Persistent Guest

Starring Jodeen Revere

October 20, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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Although cancer is the scaffolding of “The Persistent Guest”, it is a raw and often funny story about a middle aged woman who not only faces her mortality multiple times, but looks at the toll a lifetime spent being a heedless giver with zero boundaries has taken on her physical and emotional health. It is also an immersion into my particular psychedelic experience of chemo treatment.

The Persistent Guest began as a blog, to keep myself sane and my community informed, when I went through my first bout of breast cancer in 2011. After my third bout,, I thought it might become a book. It wasn’t until I did a live reading of the manuscript in 2019 that I realized it was actually the bones of a one woman show.

I began rehearsals with Boise Contemporary Theater’s artistic director Benjamin Burdick directing and we developed a fully staged production which premiered at Boise Contemporary Theater in October of 2022 for a very successful three week run. Now, dismantled and back to its original concept, I bring you The Persistent Guest Unplugged. Me, a stool and no net under the thoughtful directive guidance of Jessica Ires Morris. Strap in.

Writer/Performer: Jodeen Revere

Director: Benjamin Burdick

Director: Jessica Ires Morris

Running Time: 75 minutes

Genre: Drama, Comedic, Stand up, Storytelling