Two Realities

Starring Roman Golovach

November 4, 2023 @ 2:00 pm

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A simple guy from a small town through struggle and joy discovered a method of revealing talent. After 10 years of implementation, he went from waiting tables to becoming the CEO of successful IT companies. He now emerges an actor, musician, dancer, gamification expert, and mentor in his original motivational theatrical masterclass, “Two Realities,” as the quirky Headmaster of the legendary Portals Academy.

Welcome to your first day of class at the legendary Portals Academy!

Want to get better at living? What insights could you learn about life as a game?

“Two Realities,” is a thought-provoking one-man show, offering a unique blend of comedy, original live music, and pantomime, with a touch of mystery and deep educational content. Based on extensive research of game phenomena in human life, the show is written, directed and performed by Roman Golovach, that small-town guy, now eager to share his grand discovery of how everyone, including you, can reveal and develop talent.

Gamification practice has even led him to develop of an application,, a personal growth resource, pushing you beyond goal-tracking to achieve talent as a state of mind.

The Headmaster invites and challenges you to experience life, in “Two Realities.”

Actor: Roman Golovach

Running Time: 120 minutes

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Dance, Movement, Musical, Pantomime, Storytelling, Performance Art