Under Heaven’s Eyes – ‘the Systemic and Systematic Unjustified Killings of Black Lives’

Starring Christopher Tajah

October 3, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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Despite the global outcry and public machinations over the killing of George Floyd in America the Police continue to employ chokeholds. The continual discovery of new footage of members from communities of colour being brutalised and losing their lives at the hands of law enforcement entrusted to protect and serve them shows this to be a systematic problem. It will also show how systemic and systematic societal racism squeezes’ communities of colour to the margins. Meanwhile, in Britain, is there a parallel history of systemic and systematic racism which has pervaded society instilling an underlined racist mistrust between the Police and the Black community?

The backdrop of ‘Under Heaven’s Eyes’ is Covid-19, the worst flu pandemic to hit the world for over a century bringing everything into focus for Michael highlighting the discrimination, inequality and unlawful disproportionate killings of communities of colour that die at higher rates than the white population. Michael Livington works as an Accountant and lives in London, UK, comfortably and contented. But ever since he viewed the killing of George Floyd, Michael hasn’t been able to get it out of his mind, throwing his life into freefall.

The Artist will be donating their portion of the proceeds from October 3rd’s performance to The National Action Network.

Writer/Actor: Christopher Tajah

Producer: Pulse – Thought – Spirit Theatre Company Ltd

Composer, Music Director: Paloma Verseda Bravo

Lighting Designer, Sound Designer: Michael Cleary

Set Design, Wardrobe: Ana Bretes

Running Time: 100 minutes

Genre: Tragedy, Storytelling, Poetry, Solo-performance, True Story, Political Theatre, Contemporary Black British History, Contemporary African American History, Under-Represented Voices