Welcome to Splitsville

Starring Matt Sadowski

November 7, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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After a hiatus spanning almost two decades, Toronto filmmaker (Pretend We’re Kissing), playwright (In-Between), and actor (Power Rangers) Matt Sadowski makes a courageous return to the stage with his very first solo theatre production. Under the skilled direction of United Solo alumni Daniel Stolfi (Cancer Can’t Dance Like This), get ready to embark on an intimate and captivating journey.

The show invites you to visit the world of a hopelessly romantic, ADHD-ridden Dad navigating the ups and downs of life during a divorce amidst the chaos of Covid. Through a delightful blend of humor and cringe-worthy moments, join Matt as he moves in and out of apartments, revealing the hilarity and challenges of his unique experiences. Three acts…rap…and a lotta crap to unpack.

This profoundly personal show explores the transient nature of life, capturing the losses we endure, the lessons we learn, and the yearning for love that drives us all. Authentic and heartfelt, Welcome to Splitsville invites you to embrace the joyous messiness of existence.

Laugh with him. Laugh at him. Laugh because it’s not you, or if it is…laugh at yourself.

Writer/Performer: Matt Sadowski

Director: Daniel Stolfi

Running Time: 60 minutes

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Tragicomic, Storytelling, Stand-up, Music