Blackout: A One Woman Show

Starring Hailey Henderson

March 24, 2023 @ 7:00pm

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Grab a cold beer and a sunflower and settle in.

In “Blackout,” Hailey Henderson takes on the role of her ex-boyfriend, her abuser, her Title IX coordinator and more in a radical reclamation of her survivor story. With “brilliant comic timing and an excellent script,” this breathless performance invites you out of hiding and into the light.

“Blackout” debuted on the back porch of Henderson’s home in Seattle during the summer of 2021. This performance kicked off a sixteen show West Coast tour of porches and theaters in six cities. In 2022, the show began touring university and college stages, where its unflinching dramatization of relationship violence, identity formation, and resilience inspired students to take the risk of speaking their truth.

Audiences respond to “Blackout:”

“The skill with which Henderson guides us through her perilous, painful, and ultimately empowering story makes for the kind of evening I relish in the theater.”

“Henderson… is an animated, high energy, and dynamic storyteller…an hour of riveting entertainment.”

“I left with a bright energy and a strong sense of empowerment, like a sunflower.”

Writer: Hailey Henderson

Director: Valerie Curtis-Newton

Running Time: 58 min.

Category: One woman show, comedy, drama, autobiographical, storytelling