Losing My Religion

Starring Laura Ekstrand

March 9, 2023 @ 7:00pm

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In this highly personal solo play, a woman takes us from her childhood as an observant Catholic to the present day, when she is decidedly…not. Her father’s death makes her realize how much easier religion would make dealing with this loss, and just about everything else, if only she had it.

With humor and brutal honesty, but also with compassion, she looks more closely at how the Catholic church shaped her family history. We meet Sister Janice, Saint Cecilia, Pontius Pilate, friends and boyfriends, and all manner of acquaintances and relatives who played a role in her journey. By mapping significant turning points, she reaches a better understanding of how stepping into her own life required stepping away from the church. Ultimately, she can see more clearly how she got from there to here, and what might fill the empty space that’s left after losing her religion.

Writer: Laura Ekstrand

Director: Jason Szamreta

Running Time: 70 min.

Category: Drama, comedy, storytelling