Macbeth’s Lady Shaman

Starring Jiyoung Choi

March 12, 2023 @ 2:00pm

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Lady Shaman moves slowly. She is holding five different colors of flags in red, green, yellow, blue and white. As her dance gets faster, all flags are crossed each other and gradually got slower with her wishes.
Macbeth’s Lady Shaman is Dance Monodrama inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Young company production has been focused on finding human truth in Shakespeare plays and awarded in ASA(Asian Shakespeare Association) Script Competition.
There will be three Korean traditional dances with her story. One day a man named M, her stepbrother visited her sacred place. At first, she lost her words and could not see his future.
The more she sees his future the more she suffers from seeing his life tormented by his greed. The first dance will show her state of being as a Shaman and the second dance will show her strength to see his future. And the last dance will cleanse the bad energy and console M’s soul.
After having gone through his life, she heard M’s voice calling her name from a distance.
“Ari, I wish I could go back to pure days when we were young…”

Writer and Performer: Jiyoung Choi

Choreographer: Dongeae Kim

Producer: Young Company, Sunyoung Choi

Running Time: 40 min.

Category: Dance, drama, storytelling