Woman On A Ledge

Starring Rita Costanzi

March 18, 2023 @ 2:00pm

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Woman on a Ledge

Based on the Writings of Rita Costanzi

Adapted for the Stage by Hershey Felder

Directed by Rita Costanzi

Mature Audience

Rita Costanzi’s performance of Woman on a Ledge… was easily one of the best theatrical performances I have seen in my life. The depth of emotion conveyed by Costanzi throughout her performance had me by my soul during the entirety of the show.” Matthew Nyquist, Filmmaker

Internationally acclaimed harp soloist, Rita Costanzi, reveals her extraordinary life story in this One-Woman Theatrical Production – a story of love, devotion, conflict and loss, all set to some of the most beautiful music ever composed, including Liszt’s Un Sospiro, Albinoni’s Adagio, Puccini’s Tosca and traditional Celtic Melodies. It explores what it is to be a Woman – the sacrifices and choices she makes, and the devastating outcome, years later….

“ The breadth and depth of Rita Costanzi’s passion, the power of her emotional presence as a musician and actor and the sound control of the musical line through the harp are all breathtaking. The sheer beauty she develops through the harp seems to exceed the instrument’s normal abilities. She is a uniquely powerful performer worthy of the international stages she inhabits.”   Charles Stegeman, Artistic Director

Running Time: 100 min.

Category: Drama, comedy, tragedy, storytelling, music, solo classical harp performance