The Jackie of All Trades

Starring Sandrell Ross


November 18, 2022 @ 8:30pm

Interviewed by the best, the people are itching to know who Jackie really is and how she became the most talented person in the world. The youngest of her siblings, Jackie grew up in a mid-low class income household. Although her parents struggled financially, Jackie never knew real struggle until her 9th grade school year. She experienced something that will change her life forever. But remember in every down there is an up. With a widely known secret, Jackie overcame her many downs and set off to master every trade she desired to conquer. Now everyone is wondering how THIS is possible. Jackie, played by Sandrell Ross, shows it all. The scars she endured with comedy, drama, passion, intelligence, and her talents. Come find out why Jackie is the Master of All Trades! Based on true events.

Writer & Director: Sandrell Ross

Running Time: 50 min.

Category: Drama, Comedy, Stand-Up, Poetry, Music