The Lion, the Witch & the Walk-In Closet

Starring Kristy Beauvais


November 2, 2022 @ 8:30pm

For Kristy, telling her story takes more than just a few journal entries. It requires a bit of song and dance, and a lot of help from her most recent client, Cloris. Yes, that Cloris. When she realizes that the lion and the witch are all part of who she is today, she arrives at the threshold of self-acceptance.

Coming off a successful run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival Summer 2022, The Lion, The Witch & The Walk-In Closet is ready to arrive in NYC, the same city that holds the memories that shape Kristy’s journey from childhood to adulthood.

“Dance infused with energy, vulnerability and pathos frame this captivating solo show.” (Carrie Rheinfrank, Topanga New Times)

Directed by and developed with award-winning solo artist, Kamakshi Hart. With Paul Beauvais as Stage Manager, Gabbi Beauvais on Sound, and Lutin Tanner on Lights.

“It’s filled with graceful movement and out-of-pocket absurdism, all working in harmony to create a total act of on-stage surrender by the barefoot and brave Kristy Beauvais.” (Dan Egan, Noho Arts Review)

Writer: ​Kristy Beauvais

Director: Kamakshi Hart

Running Time: 75 min.

Category: Storytelling, Drama, Comedy, Solo, Dance, Movement