Too young to be a widow

Starring Susana Hornos


November 17, 2022 @ 7:00pm

Too Young to Be a Widow was born from the experience of a woman who lived a 20-year-long happy marriage outside of common standards— they were 40 years apart. How did they meet? What happened when he got older? The monologue does not spare us the pain of the protagonist but neither the hilarious moments. It is a tribute to a first-person love story told through loss and overcoming. In spite of it all, when he died, she decided to forge ahead in the most unexpected way: by creating a show. This story wasn‘t written with an audience in mind that would see it someday; I just wanted to flee from the pain, or at least to be able to laugh at it. Thanks to my coach, Jo Kelly, I discovered that my writing wasn’t just dramatic, but it was also a tribute to the person who gave me the most courage and respect in my life, my husband, the actor Federico Luppi.

Writer: Susana Hornos

Director: Jo Kelly

Producer: Hache Producciones

Running Time: 80 min.

Category: Drama, One-Woman Show