Katie’s Tales

Starring Agnieszka Kazimierska

November 11, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

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Katie’s Tales is the story of a woman and her beloved. It’s the story of a garden, with an orchard of cherry trees, silent witnesses of her life and of History. Katie’s life unfolds during savage times. Her beloved left after the last catastrophe, with a promise to come back.

Together with a couple of foreign servants, Katie lives protected in her garden. Every day she receives visitors, every moment could bring the return of the one who left, and Katy keeps herself ready. In the shade of the cherry orchard brimming with the memories and unfulfilled desires of many generations, she weaves a history of her own desire.

Katie’s Tales interlaces song, poetry, evocative physicality, and striking stage imagery, to create the dream traces of one woman’s encounter with love, war, ancestral memory, and a future still-to-come.

“Fascinating dialogue with her Foremothers” (Prof. D.Kosiński, Jagiellonian University, Poland)

“…One woman alone who masters the sense of “History” in relation to her personal history, makes it filled with things unspoken, with songs, and with an almost “clandestine” embodied physicality, inviting the public to fall in love, as she does, with her lover.” (Cristina T. Chiochia, Ticinolive.ch)

Producers: Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards/Foundazion Teatro Della Toscana

Running Time: 55 minutes

Genre: Theatre, Poetry, Magical Realism, Vocal, Traditional Polish Songs, Poetic Narration, Dream-Like, Movement